Film Production during COVID-19 Pandemic

Film Production during the COVID-19 Pandemic presents some challenges when ensuring our crew and our clients/contributors are kept safe. 

Below we have created a set of filming guidelines that uses social distancing, contactless audio recording and designated equipment kits to reduce the potential spread of infections on set.


All external contributors and clients to remain 2m away from all crew members at all times. 

Audio to be recorded using a boom pole to prevent any physical contact when fitting microphones.


All equipment to be sanitised before use.

Crew members to regularly wash hands and avoid any contact with other attendees.


All crew members to be assigned equipment prior to filming based on colour coding.

Crew and external personnel will not touch any equipment not directly assigned to them.


Crew size to be limited to single operators when possible, and we can supply a COVID Warden if required on larger shoots.