Training & Livestreaming Services

In the “new normal”, more and more clients are finding that online video based training and livestreaming are a useful and efficient way to communicate with their colleagues, and we can provide a range of services that can fulfil this need.

Staff & Product Training

Video content is an effective way to communicate ideas, concepts and processes  to your organisation. Studies show that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text, and we create engaging, compelling video and animation based content for your needs:

  • Straight-to-camera shooting with trainers and presenters
  • Teleprompters allow you to engage directly with your audience
  • Product and process demonstrations with close-ups
  • Animated slides and annotations to make content easier to understand
  • Training formats can work as consumer-facing content too


Connecting directly with your organisation or your consumers, livestreaming allows you to communicate ideas in an interactive forum, and our animators and video mixers can produce an exciting live experience for a worldwide audience: 

  • Stream HD video content around the world from cinema-grade cameras
  • Mix multiple feeds to create a studio-style experience
  • Add slides, overlays and animated annotations
  • Expand your reach beyond physical presence – clients and colleagues can be anywhere in the world to see your content
  • Interactivity can be at the heart of your content, with chat, live polls and Q&A sessions
  • COVID-safe filming practices mean that your content can continue under social distancing